Working Groups


Research Panel

The HLLR AODA Research Panel’s goal is to assist HLLR members to meet the standards and understand the potential costs and challenges for meeting the standard for print-based resources by January 1, 2015 and for digital or multimedia resources by January 1, 2020 while remaining aware of the changing learning environment and the increased move towards digital resources.

Chair: Corinne Abba (George Brown)

Members: Brenda Mahoney (Algonquin), Gladys Watson (Centennial), Rachel Caldwell (Conestoga), Martie Grof-Iannelli (Fanshawe), David Luinstra (Fleming), Andrea Hall (George Brown), Anne Villahermosa (George Brown), Kathi Vandenheuvel (Lambton), Brenda Morissette (Northern), Marian Traynor (Sheridan), Jessica Reeve (St. Lawrence), Virginia Roy (OCLS), Coralee Leroux (OCLS)

Steering Committee

The askON Steering Committee is made up of representatives of college libraries and works with the operational team at Ask Ontario to guide the service’s strategic direction.

Bibliographic Standards Working Group

The Bibliographic Standards Working Group was formed as a result of the recommendation contained in the "OCLS Ontario Colleges Union Catalogue Study Bibliographic Standards Report" submitted by Doris Rankin October 2, 2010.

The Bibliographic Standards Group has met twice Nov. 4, Dec. 2, 2010 and Jan. 27 2011 and has worked through the recommendations contained in the report presented to OCLS.  The members of this group (see membership) have reviewed these recommendations from the view of both SIRSI consortium members and non-member College LLC’s  to “realize efficiencies while still maintaining access to all Ontario college resources” as outlined in the OCLS Bibliographic Standards Report.

Chair: Danielle Emon (Loyalist)

Colleges Union Catalogue & Libraries’ Digital Repository Steering Group

This steering group was formed from the Colleges Union Catalogue Working Group (CUC) and Information Literacy Digital Repository Research Group (ILDR). The mandate of CUCLDR is to select a vendor who will provide the software, technology infrastructure solutions and services that will support the development of a Colleges Union Catalogue Digital Repository. The repository will be a pilot project to test and examine the platform as a tool to deliver digital objects to students and faculty. The CUCLDR membership is responsible for developing a RFQ that will identify functionality and specifications that will address current and future needs of the college libraries and their shared and local digitized initiatives, collections and services. The membership in conjunction with OCLS will work with the successful vendor to implement the repository in a phased approach.

Co-chair: Katherine Wallis (Georgian)

Co-chair: Jennifer Varcoe (Georgian)

Copyright Interest Group (CIG)

The copyright Interest group was created at the request of the HLLR.  While the primary obligation for copyright education and support rests with each academic institution, this group aims to provide a forum for meaningful discussion on copyright issues related to Ontario colleges.

The mandate and scope of this working group are:

  • To identify any cooperative and collaborative initiatives the college libraries might take on copyright;
  • To provide information, support and guidance to HLLR on copyright matters;
  • To review and investigate copyright related issues. When necessary, the HLLR Copyright Interest Group will consult with legal counsel.

This working group will be focused on three initiatives for 2013/14:

  • OCLS Submission – would like this group to create model license with Canadian Copyright Law that OCLS will use when negotiating with database vendors.
  • Copyright Literacy in Ontario Colleges Modules–this group will be responsible for overseeing updates, revisions, distribution and feedback related to copyright modules that are being created. (NOTE:  Recommendation that Kathy Bouma be consulted for approval since she is Lead of the project.) 
  • Provide a list of copyright educational opportunities –this group provide a list to inform others what educational opportunities are available that will enhance copyright knowledge.

Members: Jill Baker (St. Lawrence), Joy Muller (Seneca), Lori Hallahan (Georgian), Martie Grof-Iannelli (Fanshawe), Meaghan Shannon (Fanshawe), Patricia Buckley (Sheridan), Rosemary Stackhouse (Centennial), Tim Pierce (Lambton), Jason Bird (Sault)

Copyright Video Literacy Working Group

The Copyright Video Literacy project goals are:

  • To provide a self/learning resource/tool to Ontario college employee most likely to engage in copyright works under copyright that reinforces and enhances the learning available through library services.
  • To demonstrate Ontario colleges’ due diligence with regard to and respect ro copyright law and copyright holders.

The intended result will be:

  • Short introductory training modules on a common platform accessible to all colleges.
  • Self-paced learning opportunity for college employees.
  • Flexible platforms that will accommodate changes in future copyright law revisions and individual college licensing and resource situations.
  • Modules that can accommodate the needs for mandatory education for those colleges who wish it, while meeting the needs of those colleges who wish to make it available on a voluntary basis.

Project Manager: Kathy BoumaFanshawe College;  HLLR and ACCC Liaison: Joy Muller, Seneca College

Developers: Patricia Buckley, Sheridan College; Karen McGrath, Niagara College; Jennifer Peters, Seneca College; Meaghan Shannon, Fanshawe College; Steve Torrens, FanshaweCollege; Shelley Woods, Sheridan College.

For further information about this working group, please see:

Digital Media Services Working Group

Using the “Video Streaming Environment: Meeting the Needs of Ontario College Libraries” (2013) report, the Digital Media Services Working Group will implement the report’s phase 1 and 2 recommendations for media streaming in the areas of collections, discovery and access, and best practices. This group’s work will focus on digital media priorities, which may evolve, under the direction of the HLLR.

The primary objective of this working group is to help the colleges improve efficiencies, understand cost implications, and aid in the management of multiple sources of video content by:

  • Developing a core collection of media streaming content for the college libraries;
  • Ensuring the collection is accessible to users with disabilities and compliant with AODA requirements and standards;
  • Working with OCLS to establish/modify existing mechanisms and tools for facilitating communications and collective media purchasing;
  • Examining coordinated conversion of existing formats for cost-effective strategy/solutions.
  • Facilitating the development and communication of best practices.
  • Facilitating research to advance the recommendations of the Video Streaming Environment (2013) report.
  • Gather data and information that will support future planning and decision-making of a digital media services infrastructure.

Colleges represented in this working group: Algonquin, Centennial, Confederation, George Brown, Georgian, Humber, Lambton, Seneca and Sheridan.

eBooks Consortium Analysis
Steering Committee and Task Forces

Steering Committee: Joan Sweeny-Marsh (Chair, Sheridan); David Luinstra (Fleming); Marti Grof-Iannelli (Fanshawe); Shannon Arsenault (Northern); Daniel Leduc (Boreal)

Collections Task Force: Daniel Leduc (Chair, Boreal); Cynthia Williamson (Mohawk); Bill McAskill (George Brown); Joan Oliver (St. Clair); Jason Bird (Sault); Gail Alexander (Centennial)

User Response Task Force: Ralph Laird (Niagara); Jen Booth (Georgian); Kathleen Oakey (Sheridan); Christine Dorval (Northern); TBD (Humber); Chair TBD

Business Model & Vendor Task Force: John Decaro (St. Clair); Lisa DiBarbora (Humber); Geoff Sinclair (Canadore); Marshall Erickson (Confederation); Daniel Michneiwicz (Seneca); Chair TBD

Information Literacy Digital Repository  (ILDR) Research Panel

This research panel was initiated to investigate a shared repository of information literacy learning objects. In 2011, a report was tabled that reported on survey results from the colleges about their information literacy learning objects and willingness to contribute and use a shared repository. The trends and challenges of implementing a digital repository were explored in the report. The committee explored the creation of an information literacy inventory and reviewed some technology solutions. After the demonstration of those solutions, it was determined that a repository could house multiple collections and needed to be examined from a broader perspective. The Information Literacy Digital Repository Research Panel has since joined with the Colleges Union Catalogue Steering Committee to implement a pilot repository that initially would contain the colleges union catalogue.

Joint RDA Subcommittee

Following the lead of national bibliographic agencies, and in keeping with the recommendation made in the Ontario College Library Service, Ontario Colleges Union Catalogue Study, Bibliographic Standards Report, the Joint RDA Subcommittee is tasked with helping the 24 colleges implement RDA by providing information, exposure, tools, training, and updated documentation.  Coordination of third party readiness and communication of minimum bibliographic standards are essential as libraries shift toward the use of RDA in a union catalogue environment. 

Chair: Danielle Emon (Loyalist)

Master Service Level Committee

On behalf of the College Library Members and the Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS) the committee will work to draft a Master Service Level Agreement and Schedules (Description of Work Documents) that will lay out the scope, responsibilities, principles, terms, conditions, deliverables and performance measures for the services delivered to the Ontario college libraries by OCLS.

Co-Chair: Pam Drayson (Durham)

Co-Chair: Virginia Roy (OCLS)

Members: Joy Muller (Seneca), Martie Grof-Ianelli (Fanshawe), Karen McGrath (Niagara), Lynne Bentley (Humber), Marilyn Crawford (OCLS)

Last updated : April 20, 2015

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